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    I have over 1,000 registered members on my blog and have recently downloaded and installed NewsLetter so I can send them an update once in a while. So far, I can only send a simple email to selected addresses using the NewsLetter Diagnostic…… the diagnostic will not send a Newsletter email. I have tried all the different suggested variations of Configurations and still no success. I am connected by cable to BrightHouse Networks and use a .aol email address.
    Somebody please help.


    Hi, you should import the blog users as subscribers (see the subscribers management panel) and them compose a newsletter from newsletter panel.



    Hi Stefano. thanks for your response…still no success
    On my WordPress Blog Dashboard Users panel, I show 858 registered users….
    I went to the NewsLetter Subscribers panel which showed the 3 users I manually entered when following your diagnostic procedures… these were the 3 email addresses to which I was able to send a simple email using your diagnostic, but unable to send with a newsletter using your diagnostic procedure, which was why I contacted you with my first post. Next, I clicked “Import” and went to the Subscribers Import panel….. the default “Import Code” was set to “Update” and “Separator” was “semicolon”… I left them as set… didn’t know what “CSV Text” was so I left it blank… then clicked “Import” in the lower left-hand corner… In the time it took to refresh the screen (2.5 seconds), I got a one-line green background message “Import Completed: 0 errors, 0 added, 0 updated, 0 skipped.”
    What should I try next?


    The import is meant to import a list of addresses. You should “import” the blog users, there is another function for that.

    Once imported, you should see them listed on the subscribers panel.


    Hi again Stefano. I do wish to import the email addresses from my registered blog users to the Newsletter, but I don’t know how to do it! I need more user friendly or detailed information explaining what to do….. like, after I clicked “Import” on the “Newsletter Subscriber’s Panel” or the next “Subscriber’s Import Panel”, I expected at least to have to define “import from where?” Is there a help document somewhere that I may read that describes how to import?
    Thanks again.


    Go to the subscriber panel, massive changes, import wp users.


    Hi Stefano. Following your instructions, using the Massive Changes panel, I was able to import all the wp-users from my blog to the NewsLetter Subscribers list – almost 900 email addresses. However, I still cannot send out a prepared newsletter to my subscribers. I am only able to send a simple email – one at a time – using the procedure in the Diagnostic Panel. Please read my earlier posts – it’s the same problem.

    Below is the information you said may be helpful to you to fix my problem if it has to do with the Main Configuration setup. This is starting to get a little frustrating….. I’m sure it’s something very simple I’m doing, or not doing.
    Thanks…. Dave.

    NewsLetter Main Configuration Panel
    Sender email address brimfieldbarn@aol.com

    Sender name (left empty)

    Return path (left empty)

    Reply to (left empty)

    License key (left empty)

    NewsLetter Diagnostic Panel
    The logging feature of Newsletter, when enabled, writes detailed information of the working status inside some (so called) log files. Log files, one per module, are stored inside the folder wp-content/logs/newsletter.

    Name Active since
    Log level
    Log folder The log folder exists.

    Name Active since
    Newsletter delivery Not set
    Function Status
    WordPress Cron System ENABLED. (it’s ok)
    WordPress schedules newsletter – 300 s
    newsletter_weekly – 604800 s
    hourly – 3600 s
    twicedaily – 43200 s
    daily – 86400 s
    Delivery Engine Runs in 0 days, 0 hours, 2 minutes, 54 seconds
    If inactive or always in “running now” status your blog has a problem: read more here.

    System parameters
    Parameter Value
    Database Wait Timeout 600 (seconds)
    PHP Execution Time 30 (seconds)
    PHP Memory Limit 256M
    WordPress Memory limit 40M
    WP_DEBUG false
    Absolute path /hsphere/local/home/brimfiel/brimfieldbarn.com/blog/
    Tables Prefix wp_
    Database Charset and Collate utf8
    Hook “phpmailer_init” Obsolete.
    No actions attached
    File permissions OK

    Plugin and modules are able to upgrade them self when needed. If you urgently need to try to force an upgrade, press the button below.

    Restore al dismissed messages

    Very old versions need to be upgraded on a spacial way. Use the button blow.


    Hi, did you entered the “newsletters” panel, selected “new message”, chose a theme and created the message?


    Hi Stefano. Yes, that’s the way I entered the first newsletter I tried to send, but it was not successful. I just tried a second time with a newly created newsletter and it did not go out either…. message said it did, but it did not. Also, I looked on the Main Configuration Panel to try “base 64”, but could not find where to make the change. I am about to give up……. your NewsLetter is not user friendly enough for me with my very basic low-level technical skills.

    I am willing to give you my blog password…… maybe you can make it work. what do you think?


    Is there anyone out there that can help me with this problem?


    Send me the credentials. Have you created a simple newsletter with only few words inside (not with a theme, start with a blank newsletter)?


    I have tried everything in my skill capabilities, but still can only send simple emails to my test Newsletter Subscribers using the Diagnostic Procedure of Newsletter. I can go no further by myself. I will gladly provide you with my wp-blog login and password “credentials”…. just tell me how to give them to you only and not give them up to the whole world via a post on this site. My email is brimfieldbarn@aol.com .

    I have 929 wp-blog users of which I have imported 873 to my Newsletter Subscriber list….. the first 4 on this list are test subscribers. Both files are backed-up.

    Just tell me what to do.

    Dave S.


    Send them me privately at stefano@satollo.net.

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