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    Hey all,

    maybe somebody can help me (sorry, if this questions appears double, but for some reason my previous post did not show up).

    We have a website with English (EN) and German (DE), realized with WPML and originally one newsletter list which contained both English and German speaking subscribers. Now we need another list for sending infos to people interested in a workshop we will offer. To realize this I bought the Premium Version of TNP and I am right now making following changes:
    1. generalizing all the subscription messages/emails, which had the newsletter name and topic etc. in it.
    2. creating a welcome series for the newsletter instead with autoresponder
    3. creating TWO new list (after realizing, that within the email series I can´t choose the language of the email as with a normal newsletter:-| ) Pre-Newsletter EN and Pre-Newsletter DE
    4. after the welcome series the subscriber should be transferred to the original Newsletter list.
    5. creating a workshop list for both English and German subscribers and adding another subscription form the homepage for this (and maybe creating a welcome series for this list too).

    Before I continue I would like to understand better some options (could not find out all of it just with the documentation):
    Would it be better to also divide the original newsletter list by language into two list? If so, why?

    I use a HTML form for the subscription. How do I address the form to the right list?
    By adding <input type=”hidden” name=”nl[]” value=”X”> to the html code (with X being the corresponding list number)?
    Or by adding the attributes to the shortcode like this [newsletter_form form="Y" list="X"] (with Y being the html form number and X the list number)?
    And all list I address like this have to be public, right?

    Do I have to check the list option “enforced by language: English” for the Pre-Newsletter EN and “enforced by language: German” for the Pre-Newsletter DE? Or would this lead to subscribers of the workshop list to be automatically added also to the Pre-Newsletter list?

    That are all my questions….for the moment 🙂

    I am thankful for any help, so that I don´t have to test every option and combination of options out :-/

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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