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    Alain Aubry


    When you subscribe, via main subscription form, contact cf7 form or woocommerce, you receive a Confirmation Email, when you follow this link, you are directed to the main subscription page, the first thing you see is a message telling you that you are confirmed and then follows a Profile Form. This profile form has a markup error of some kind, missing ‘div’ or something.


    Can you check this for me, please. You can use either link for the same results.
    main subscription form
    contact form

    When you visit the Regular Profile Form it is OK.
    The regular profile form is here: profile form

    Thank you very much!


    You should check the welcome page text on Subscription configuration panel, near the unsubscribe link, Probably the problem is there.

    Alain Aubry

    Sorted! Thank you.
    I had the {profile_form} inside an ‘a’ tag… just like the confirmation email.
    Now I changed to {profile_url} so you are not forced to view the profile form…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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