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    I haven’t seen in the documentation if there is:

    1. a report in your Reports plugin that shows exactly who unsubscribes
    2. any automated way to delete WordPress users that are Newsletter unsubscribers

    Please help; sorry if I overlooked something about these two subjects.

    Also, related to this:

    I suggest you clearly warn people not to re-link WordPress users with Newsletter subscribers unless they have deleted WordPress users who have unsubscribed! I just accidentally re-subscribed 30 unsubscribers and I don’t know who they are. That’s what we in the states call a “booby trap!” ;->

    (Fortunately, I had exported my subscribers before this and now I have to delete subscribers and re-import them.)


    Hi there is not an autmoated way to delete unsubscribed users, you can delete them from the subscriber management panel, there is a massive deletion button.

    Not all want to delete unsubscribed because it opens the door to fake and repeated subscriptions for the same address.

    To have a list of unsubscribed user you can export them and filter on the subscribers management panel.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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