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    Great plugin, I have just started using it and am very satisfied. It would be very helpful to have the following features:

    i) Ability to search by preference. Searching subscribers is limited to netted in main fields. It would be great to be able to also search profile content and most important by preference match. For instance there is no way to find test user.

    ii) Targeting. There are two options: AND =’all preferences’, and OR=’at least one preference. These can be negated with a common ‘active/not active). This allows (X AND Y), (~X OR ~Y), (X OR Y), (~X AND ~Y). By being able to negate each individual preference the targeting would be enhanced to expressions such as (X AND/OR ~Y) and (~X AND/OR Y).

    iii) Choice of comma/semicolon for csv export. The option does not appear to be working. Output is always separated with semicolons.

    iv) List of countries for new subscribers. (Perhaps this is part of premium? If so I will get this) ability to select a country from a drop down. Also select state for particular countries, e.g. Australia and USA.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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