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    Thank you for this plugin.

    i use this plugin with Mandrill integration and when i test it via Debugging tools i recieve the sent mails, but when i build a newsletter and “Save and Test it” i dont receive any mails even though its shown as delivered in Mandrill App’s dashboard.

    i used Gmail account and a domain based mail account as test receivers but unfortunately i didnt receive any mails.

    does it have something with this message which shows after i save and test which says:
    “If diagnostic emails are delivered but test emails are not, try to change the encoding to “base 64″ on main configuration panel”

    i couldnt find the encoding options in the configuration panel so i decided to submit this thread to get help from you 🙂

    im looking forward to your helpful comments.

    Thank you.


    The encoding options is in the Configuration -> Advanced Setting panel.
    As a premium user, we’re assisting this request directly.


    If they’re marked as delivered by Mandrill, it’s out of control both for Newsletter plugin and you. It means the final mail server is dropping the emails even when they’re going out from Mandrill. You should try to contact that server administrator.

    If Mandrill marks it as delivered, it means the email has been accepted by the final mail server, but probably it is dropping silently the email.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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