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    For some reason, and while I have the MailJet module for Newsletter properly installed and configured (it successfully runs test emails) it just won’t do bounce checks, because looking at the MailJet module’s configuration setting, the “Last run” consistently shows “none” – no matter how many days (!) I wait, after sending out (otherwise successful) campaigns through Newsletter. I can see “hard” bounces showing up in the MailJet dashboard (on the mailjet.com dashboard I mean) but they’re not picked up by the MailJet module for Newsletter; in Newsletter’s “Subscribers” panel (i.e. on my own site) those same addresses stay in “confirmed” status. I am sure they’re hard bounces because of things like invalid domain (typo in the domain), no mailhost defined for that address / domain, uknown user, etc.

    I don’t know what background info you need, so I’ll describe my usage environment below.

    I have a MailJet subscription (I stay far under the maximum emails per month) and I therefor also have the MailJet for WP plugin installed for all the “regular” transactional wp-mail emails. Why? Because I want also maximum deliverability of those regular transactional emails. Also, in the Newsletter Main Configuration panel I have, under the “SMTP” settings tab, SMTP set to “off” as I want Newsletter running through the regular wp-mail routine (because that’s where the MailJet plugin intercepts and sends out email). Also, under the “Delivery Speed” I have “Max emails per hour” set to 1000 because I want MailJet as much as possible to take care of throttling and queue handling (I suppose I could set it to something as high as e.g. 100000 but I want to avoid creating any unnecessary stress and bottlenecks in the WP cronjobs).

    Could it be that your MailJet module is thrown off-track by (i.e. ignores) the “separate” MailJet maillists, that are managed on the mailjet.com site, similar to how Mandrill (I don’t know about SendGrid) has its own hosted maillists, separate from the self-hosted Newsletter / WP addresses? Otherwise I’m stumped… Thanks as always!


    I just now noticed that your (latest) Mandrill module has the ability to switch to API (only) mode which of course makes Newsletter’s email handling much more efficient. I guess I’ll put in a polite request then to update your MailJet module, whenever you have time in your very busy schedule, to also offer a choice between API and SMTP for MailJet users… I am not sure how to deal with and avoid a possible handling priority conflict with the MailJet for WP plugin, because (as I said above) I want to use MailJet for everything on that site; it’s an effective, reliable and very reasonably priced service.


    Hi, probably the scheduled bounce checking is gone. Strange but possible. Wrte me to stefano@satollo.net, I’ll send you an update module version so the upgrade process will start and the scheduler will be reset.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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