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    Oystein Baadsvik

    Hi folks,
    I am new to the Newsletter Plugin (NP below).
    To me it seems like NP lives in WordPress, but is 100% isolated from the WP users.
    For example, Email, Name, and all other fields have nothing to do with WP user data.
    I took it for granted that there would be possible to have a front-end panel where my registered WP users could update their NP preferences, such as which lists they want to be part of. Preferences that were tied to the WP User database. This doesn’t seem to be the case. Not even a sync functionality it seems.
    Yes, there is a “newsletter profile page”, but since it doesn’t require log in, it can obviously not tie info to the WP User database. All it seems to do is take an email address and add it to the NP database together with list preferences. So, in theory, you can update List Preferences for any email address, not only your own! And you can’t recall your own current choices if they are not stored in your device’s cookies.
    By the way, the WP Users Integration (an NP addon) doesn’t seem to solve this.
    Are these observations correct? And do you have any ideas on how to create a List Preferences panel inside WP, short of hiring a developer?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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