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    Bounce handling is done in Newsletter via the 3rd party email extensions; it works great. But when I import a subset from the database (see below if you’re interested in why this scenario is important to me) I notice that the imported addresses overwrite the status of the existing ones if they already exist. So, an existing address that was marked as bounced suddenly becomes confirmed, when it is reimported…

    So, wouldn’t it be better to have an extra setting, in the import options, so as to “force check” against existing addresses that previously were marked as bounced, and keep the newly (re)imported addresses in bounced status? (i.e. an extra setting to not to allow overwriting the bounced flag whenever it’s set for an address)

    In case you’re interested in why I think this is an important feature, here’s the scenario: I have a fairly large membership type database that is maintained by another app, so it lives completely outside of WordPress. I use WordPress basically to run Newsletter, and occasionally I send out specific newsletters to subsets (again, managed elsewhere) of that database, so what I do is I import that subset into the Newsletter database and set a profile field as the selector for that newsletter. So far, no problem: this way I can still use Newsletter for all email newsletters. However, that “other” database doesn’t track bounces. So, the 3rd party email service sends out the emails again including previously bounced addresses; that’s bad, email reputation-wise. So this is why it would be great to have an additional setting to not touch the status flag of previously bounced addresses.


    Right. I’m adding the option to not override the status on importing.

    Thank you, Stefano.


    Thank you, Stefano.

    Newsletter rocks because you rock.


    what is the 3rd party email extensions to process bounces


    I have a question;
    As a matter of course – should I keep emails marled as ‘bounced’ in the Newsletter to be compared against fresh imports? (so I don’t accidentally reimport a bounced email)

    Of would you just delete bounced addresses as a matter of course?


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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