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    There are few page of documentation you can consult about The Newsletter plugin. The basic plugin is free, while the Professional Extensions require a paid membership to get them all.
    The Newsletter Pro plugin is the OLD professional version: all its features can be obtained with the Newsletter free version and the Newsletter Professional Extensions.
    The Newsletter Professional Extensions are not single plugins but add on packages that must be installed following the instructions that can be found here.

    We have also the Premium support only available to customers.

    Get Priority support with our subscription plans!


    Despite creating a cron job and setting everything up correctly. To can’t send a newsletter…

    Help needed


    Hi rrstore, please open a new topic for support explaining exactly the problem.

    Thank you, Stefano.


    thanks you sharing this information with us


    What happend to the legacy theme?
    I want to publish my newsletter as always but everything looks different now.
    Please help me.
    Regards, Sven

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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