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    I have a massive list of contacts and i didn’t found a way to import them with extra profile fields included. Is there any way to do it? Is that feature included in Premium plugin?
    Thank you


    I have the similar problem.
    Is there a way to divide subscribers into separate lists?
    Waiting for reply, thanks.


    I too was trying to figure out how to import contacts from a list and sort of put them into a group separate from my other subscribers. Not sure how to import with added profile fields, but importing by CSV allowed me to add over 200 contacts, and with Preferences, I was able to put them into a separate “group”.

    First I created the preference “group”. I went to the Subscription Form page of the plug-in, and then to the Preferences tab. There, I added a preference with the label name of my new group. Under When/Where I left it as Disabled/Private use, and under Initially… is left Unchecked. I then saved the the changes.

    Now to import contacts into that group, I went to the Subscribers page, and pressed the Import button. The first option to appear is Preferences. From here I checked the newly added preference I made. This essentially allowed any contacts imported to have the preference applied, separating, of sorts, these new contacts into a group/list. Now for adding contacts, keep in mind that at the bottom of the import page are some notes that help with how the text is to be formatted when applying certain profile fields (first name, last name, gender, etc.). Just follow these rules when adding the contacts. In my case, my contact list was a simple text file with email addresses on separate lines, so I simply copy and pasted the text into the CSV field as-is. With each contact on separate lines, the plug-in imports each line as a new contact.

    After hitting Import, and the results showing no errors and all contacts added successfully, I can now create a new newsletter, and set it to send to those contacts with the preference that I just created. Presto! Newsletter sent to just those contacts in that “group”. You can even assign the preference to existing subscribers by editing them and checking the preference.

    Hope this helps!


    Hi guys. Thank you for your help.
    But as you describe is to insert the preferences, not the extra profile fields.


    @zeigan that can help to my problem, I’ll try it later today

    @rochajorge look at Subscription Form page of the plug-in settings. next to “Preferences” tab from zeigan’s solution you have “Extra profile fields” and that is what you are looking for?


    Hello guys, have you found any way to import profile fields as well? I have the premium extensions


    I wrote a simple hack to import profile_x fields as well

    Go to wp-content\plugins\newsletter\users\import.php


    if (isset($data[3])) {
                    $subscriber['sex'] = $newsletter->normalize_sex($data[3]);

    and add below of that the following

    if (isset($data[4])) {
                    $subscriber['profile_1'] = $newsletter->normalize_name($data[4]);
    			if (isset($data[5])) {
                    $subscriber['profile_2'] = $newsletter->normalize_name($data[5]);

    and then at line 101 right after

    $subscriber['surname'] = $newsletter->normalize_name($data[2]);

    add again the same code.

    This way you can import the first two profile extra fields like this

     email 1[separator]first name 1[separator]last name 1[separator]gender 1[separator]profile_1[separator]profile_2[new line]

    EDIT:replace above where & # 039 ; to ‘

    Maybe the developer can provide a better solution and include it in future releases


    Just found this solution and it worked! Thanks a lot! I hope an integrated solution will be included in future releases…

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