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    I’m having trouble setting up the correct shortcodes on a page to properly operate the newsletter subscription.

    Example, when I say properly what I mean is the current method is you have a register element that’ll always be visible if you’re a guest. However if you’re already subscribed and visit the dedicated /newsletter/ page whilst logged in, you still see the form.

    My logic would allow for if you’re logged in and subscribed, you’d not see the subscribe form period – you’d automatically view your settings instead. ie update name / email or unsubscribe.

    I get that there is a profile page but that doesn’t work on the newsletter page as all I see there is the form regardless of logged in / subscribed status.

    Clearly I’m doing something wrong. Any ideas how to utilise the shortcodes etc to get it to work so that it does literally the following –

    1. Main newsletter page shows the form to guests and logged in users who aren’t subscribed.

    2. If logged in or already subscribed they see the profile page element to update email / unsubscribe.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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