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    I’m asking myself how to edit the styles and layout of the composer elements to achieve a different look than the default.
    I want to recreate a template I’ve built before the new composer was released. I really like the composer because it is so much easier for users/editors to create newsletters without messing up styles and layout.
    But I can’t find information about working with the underlying templates, styles and layouts for the elements of the composer and the whole newsletter which is created after finishing the content work within the composer workflow.
    I was looking into the files within the ./wp-content/plugins/newsletter/emails/tnp-composer folder structure. It seems to me that the blocks folder has everything necessary to change the different blocks. But what about the surrounding newsletter template?
    Within your documentation pages there is a part about working within the composer ui. But this is only about changing the content and structure and not about developing new styles or changing the overall look. Another part is about developing new templates if not using composer. So I’m lost about where to start if I want the composer to look like a template I developed before composer was released. My guess is I create a folder under ./wp-content/extensions/newsletter/emails/tnp-composer with a copy of ./wp-content/plugins/newsletter/emails/tnp-composer and start changing files. But I’m really not sure if this is the way.
    I would be really happy about any kind of help or advise, any hints or tipps. Am I missing something?

    Best regards and a huge thank you for developing TNP


    Hi, at moment we have not a best practice and a way to extend the composer template, but we’re working on it. We decide to firstly release a “basic” composer and then to release a theme system for the composer, like the one of the old Newsletter theme so a developer can add a theme (without loosing it on updates and so on).

    Bye, Stefano.

    Brandon Snow

    Hi – I’m interested in this as well. I want to change a few things like the background colour of the email and the width of the text block from 500 to 700. How would I do this?




    Any news about this? For start there could be a define option in wp-config or in the theme with the default location of the tnp-composer folder

    Something like

    Where we could keep and maintain our own copy of tnp-composer.
    Of course if there is no define option it should default to /wp-content/plugins/newsletter/emails/tnp-composer

    what do you think?


    I’m also interested in the possibility of having a custom blocks folder to be managed separately, as it already happens with themes.

    There has not be any plugin updates since I installed it and created my custom composer blocks (in the /newsletter/emails/tnp-composer/blocks folder), can you tell me if I will lose all my blocks as soon as a new update is released?.

    Thank you,


    Hi there, is this feature still planned, or perhaps already possible?

    I need to add custom styles to a composer-based template and would prefer not to lose update compatibility.

    Like the OP I’ve tried to mimic the duplication of relevant stylesheets to an /extensions folder (like it’s documented for /themes), but sadly it doesn’t seem like this is supported. Wouldn’t this be a comparatively easy and useful feature to implement?

    Thank you!


    My post was more than 2 years ago, in the meanwhile a big update has come along regarding composer blocks. You can find more info here https://www.thenewsletterplugin.com/developers/dev-composer-blocks

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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