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    so all the emails sent out by Newsletter contain this HTML header with the blog site title inside. Where can I change this, or rather, where do i edit the email templates in general?

    thanks for your time and for this great plugin!

    take care,


    Check the documentation on this site: you’ll fina a Whole page dedicated to theme creation (and how to place them to survive updates).


    I have just done a fresh install of the plugin from wordpress.org and have run into some issues:

    1. The {name} value is not parsed in the subject of the Welcome email. Instead of Welcome abroad, Ashish the subject shows Welcome abroad, {name} I could only notice this in the Test mails sent, since the welcome mail is not firing on my site! Please see point 2 below
    2. The new subscriber is not receiving the welcome email even after enabling it in the configuration page

    Please help…

    My blog url is http://www.fhsbadlapur.org


    I have same problem. Where we can edit the header of newsletter? Instead of telling us you have a documentation, why not to point directly to the page which give the solution? I check your doc and I didn’t find anything about header? What about you?


    From Your website dashboard in WordPress –> Newletter Plugin –> Dashboard –> Settings –> Message Templates

    Line 16 -> 26

    “Switch editor/preview” and “Send a test” to see changes

    This where you can change or disable the header

    Hope this helped.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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