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    Hey guys,

    I’d like to use the same google font for headlines in my newsletter template, that I’m using on my website. Is this possible? I tried it and the template shows everything as expected, however I’m wondering – what if it gets opened on a remote computer in a different environment, will this work?



    It’s very unlikely that email clients are able to load and render web fonts. It’s better to create an image.

    IMVA Publications


    It’s completely possible for web fonts to be loaded in email. Almost all popular email clients support that.

    TheNewsletterPlugin really needs to up it’s game. Theres a lot of money waiting for you guys but only if u up your game!

    my 2 cents..

    Jason Robinson

    It really depends on how you define “popular”


    Note that GMAIL app and web doesn’t support their own fonts. Plus newer versions of Outlook (2007/2010) don’t support custom web fonts.

    Interesting discussion of fallback support for Outlook:


    Thank you Jason. I can understand the IMVA point, the font is part of the brand image and we can work to add support in our themes(actually one can write its own custom theme with those web fonts…).

    Anyway, the aim of every newsletter should be to engage the reader, the font is only a small part of the forumla to create a compelling message. Usually a small banner with the logo to recall the brand is enough, the rest is content written with the right words.


    Bye, Stefano.


    Would be nice to have at least 1 Script Font for formal invitations.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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