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    I’m posting in this forum because I’m trying to develop my own plugin for WordPress that integrates with both the Newsletter Plugin and Pods (a popular plugin for custom content types). I’ve looked over the code for the NewsletterModules class and its derived NewsletterUsers class, but I’m expecting a NewsletterLists class and do not see one. I would like to know where the functions that retrieve and manage subscriber lists are located. Clarification: I need a function that retrieves the names of ALL the lists, not just the lists of a single subscriber. Thank you!!!

    Stuart Simon


    I found the function NewsletterModule::get_lists(), but I would like to know which function (if any) adds a given TNP_User to a TNP_List.

    Also, I will be managing the relationship between the Newsletter Plugin and Pods with a custom field named pods_id. It would be helpful to know if I can run code such as the following:

    $newsletterUsers = NewsletterUsers::instance();
    $tnpUser = null;
    if ($newsletterUsers->email_exists($email)) {
    $tnpUser = $users->get_user($email);
    $newsletterUsers->set_user_field($user->id, “name”, $name);
    $newsletterUsers->set_user_field($user->id, “pods_id”, $pods_id);
    } else {
    $tnpUser = $users->save_user(array(
    “email” => $email,
    “name” => $name,
    “pods_id” => $pods_id

    Note that in my array, I did NOT nest the custom fields within their own property.

    Thank you!!!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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