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    Antonio Sánchez

    I’m confused with this.

    If the parameter has a value of 10, and today I have published 7 new posts then these seven new posts and 3 more old posts will be included in the newsletter, won’t they?

    But, what if tomorrow, as it sometimes exceptionally happens, I publish 18 new posts? Will the first 8 of them be missing in the newsletter and no old posts will be included?

    Ok, I can set the parameter to 20, but that’s not desirable in my case because I will then usually have 5 or 7 new posts and 15 or 13 old ones; too many old ones.

    Altenative: stop using old posts and set a value big engough to ensure all today posts will be included in the newsletter, and only those.

    Ideally: include in the newsletter all posts published last day, no matter the number they are, and include a fixed number of old posts.

    Could I get help with this?

    Thanks and kind regards.

    Antonio Sánchez

    Any piece of advice? I’ve not found this issue in documentario, please share some link if I have missed something.

    Going live next monday, please help.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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