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    I have searched the documentation related to email deliver but have not found anything related to the specific issue that I am having.
    1) Test emails from the plugin are working and are being delivered.
    2) Test newsletters are being delivered without issue.
    3) All other wordpress site emails are working correctly.
    4) I have enabled double opt in for new subscribers to subscribers. The confirmation emails to new subscribers are not going out. When I go to resend them from the manage subscribers screen, it indicates that the email is sent, but it is not delivered.

    Only the subscriber confirms are not being sent.

    Any ideas on what could be causing this?



    Hi, your provider is filtering that email. Try to change the subject and come words in the content and it probably starts to work.


    I gave that a try and it did not work. What is interesting is that when I test the activation email from the Subscription – Welcome page, by using the test button, the email goes through without any issues. Therefore, it does not seem to me that it would be the content.


    I have done some more checking and debugging on this. I tried this with an email address that is not linked to my gmail account. It seems that the activation emails do not show up in my main gmail account since they are coming from a linked gmail account. This has never happened to me before. Further, I signed up to get responses to this forum and it did not show up in my main gmail account which should retrieve messages from my other gmail accounts. But this is only happening with this forum and items send from other linked gmail accounts. This is new and has not happened before. I will need to look at this from gmail side.

    Thanks and sorry for the bother. If you know what is causing this on the gmail side, that would be helpful, if not I will investigate.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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