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    Frank DeCicco

    I am trying to understand the Newsletter plugin and have questions along the way that sometime I cannot figure out, here is one of those:

    What is the point of the EDIT button for Sent emails on Dashboard and on Newsletter emails index?

    Is this simply a limitation where the plugin cannot detect condition and disable the button or am I missing some added functionality.
    I am not sure what to tell my users as to when they’d want to edit the email especially after I’m telling them that they cannot resend an email which is the way it should be. I have already received questions about this.

    This may sound trivial but it isn’t to experienced user like the ones I’m dealing with. This bunch is used to Exact Target and are very knowledgeable and ask very intelligent questions.

    Thank you.


    Hi, actually a sent email could not be saved, just opened to see the details. Or at least it should.


    Frank DeCicco

    ma che risposta e’ questa?
    Tu scherzi, vero?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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