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    I have had two people report that they have been receiving two of each newsletter for the past week. Any idea what might be causing the issue and how to fix it?


    Hi, that’s weird since the delivery process keeps a list of contacted subscribers for each newsletter and should never send a duplicate. I can only image a temporary problem with the database/server hosting your site.

    Please, let us know if the problem shows up again.


    Thanks. The problem seems limited to just a few subscribers and has been happening regularity for the past week. urious as to why it is happening to multiple people at the same time. I do not believe it to be your plugin. I was just hoping it would be something you had encountered before.


    I have had three complaints about duplicates now. And I have found something interesting. I opened the automated newsletter that I am having trouble with. From the “Automated Newsletter” page, I click on the “Newsletter” icon, opening up the history of that newsletter being sent out. Under the progress bar there is a pair of number, showing the progress of the newsletter publication. And to the right of that are some statistics. Below are the readings for the past few days.

    Jan. 18 – 1084/1084 – 1082
    Jan. 19 – 1084/1084 – 1082
    Jan. 20 – 1966/1966 – 1083
    Jan. 21 – 1682/1682 – 1083
    Jan. 22 – 1801/1801 – 1084
    Jan. 23 – 1939/1939 – 1084

    It seems clear that there is something strange going on these past four days. Days that roughly correspond to the folks getting duplicates.


    I think maybe I have resolved this. When I looked in the main newsletter log for today, as it was publishing, I noticed that the first batch or two were different that the rest of them. The initial entries showed three lines in the log for each newsletter sent to a subscriber: A comment, an insert, and an update. After than, the entries were duplicate: Comment, insert, update, comment, insert, update. The difference between them as some kind of size column. The first set of three had “103.6 MB/ – ” while the second set (as well as the initial batch) had “22.7 MB/500 MB.”

    I am hosted on Cloudways and have disabled CRON on WordPress, using Cloudways instead. A few days ago I turned on the a new feature “CRON Optimizer.” I turned it back off half an hour ago and now the newsletters appear to be generated properly again. There must be some duplication of effort between the Cloudways CRON and its Optimized CRON. But, for now, I think I am OK.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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