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    I have developed an add-on for my private use, with the intention on some day publishing it.
    Some time ago, one of my add-on’s functionalities stopped working because the code was invoking Newsletter::save_sent(), which –as I discovered– has been replaced with save_sent_message().
    While debugging and fixing that problem, I noticed that function register_mail_method(), which I am also using, is now marked “deprecated since version 6.0.0”, so I am afraid it may disappear as well.
    I understand the need to evolve software, but I am left with the question as to how add-on developers are supposed to keep up with the changes:
    – Were these changes announced somewhere that I should have looked? I don’t remember seeing them in the release notes.
    – Are there other, equivalent but stable APIs that I should be using instead?
    Thank you.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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