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    Hello everyone,

    first off: a big thanks to the author of this great plug-in, which has been easy to set up so far and looks like a powerful tool. However, I’ve run into some trouble trying to make custom forms work.

    I’ve set up a customized subscription page and added customized fields which require the user to enter info’s like company, position and job title. The fields show up correctly and I am able to enter information. However, this information doesn’t show up anywhere. When I check the ‘subscriber’-panel none of the extra information is displayed.

    This is my current code:

    <select class=”newsletter-titel” name=”np1″ class=”newsletter-titel”>
    <option value=”dr”>Mr</option>
    <option value=”profdr”>Mrs</option>
    <input class=”newsletter-email” type=”text” name=”nn” value=”” size=”40″>
    <input class=”newsletter-name” type=”text” name=”ns” value=”” size=”40″>
    <input class=”newsletter-company” type=”text” name=”np2″ value=”” size=”40″>
    <input class=”newsletter-position” type=”text” name=”np3″ value=”” size=”40″>
    <input class=”newsletter-email” type=”text” name=”ne” value=”” size=”40″>
    <input type=”checkbox” name=”ny” required>
    <input type=”submit” value=”Submit” class=”newsletter-submit”>

    Also it seems my privacy checkbox doesn’t work as supposed. As soon as I remove the ‘required’ tag, it will let me send the form no matter if it was activated or not. I did activate ‘Privacy Checkbox’ in the ‘Subscription Form’ panel however…

    Any help is greatly appreciated


    Do the custom fields have a name in the subscription form config. panel?


    Hi Stefano,

    thanks for your swift reply. Well, I added the titles of the fields above (the custom ones, that I named np1, np2 etc.) to the form in ‘Extra Profile Fields’ under the ‘Subscription Form Fields and Layout’-panel accordingly.

    Edit: When I set the form to appear ‘only on profile page’, it does show up on the users profile (correctly labeled) however empty…


    But if you open a subscriber’s edit panel from the subscribers management function, the field should be there and possibly compiled. If they are empty, it means they haven’t been collected. Just remeber they will be collected only if enabled on subscription for panel, setting theme to appers “even on subscription form”.


    Wonderful – that worked like a charm. Thank you so much.

    Do you know by any chance why the privacy check box wouldn’t work unless I add ‘required’ to the code? If I don’t check it upon registration a box will tell me to ‘please check this box to proceed’ however, no additional information about the privacy statement will be displayed.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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