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    Hello !

    Since i updated Newsletter plugon to its latest version, I can’t edit my templates in HTML anymore instaed of wysywig (the page load, I can see html editor for a few seconds and the wysywig comes back).

    Also, i tried to put css in theme.php files with <style></style> in the header. it shows up correctly in the wysywig, but when i send the email the style code disapear 🙁

    I would be glad if anyone can help.


    Thanks !




    Hi, the switching to the html editor is bugged, I already found the problem. About the styles included, does they are present in the original mail source when opened from your mail client?

    Not all mail client honor the styles, for example GMail will totally drop them as far as I know.

    Add me as test subscriber and send me an email so I can check it on my side!




    I just have the same problem. I did myself a custom newsletter with an own css. In the editor it looks great. But if I send a test Email to googlemail (I know of their css-substraction) and Outlook, the newsletter isn’t been shown with css-styles. But if I just call the URL of the /wordpress/wp-content/plugins/newsletter-custom/themes/mytheme/theme.php it is shown in a perfect View.

    I just set the absolute path of the specific style.css into the theme.php.
    Could you imagine, where I have to find the error?


    You cannot make an email with a reference to an external CSS. You should put the CSS inside the email in a single style block.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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