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    Hi – I will donate and be a real fan if you can help me resolve a couple small issues with your great plug in!

    1. The confirmation email has a URL to activate, but it’s not coming through as an active link. It’s just the text of the URL. Can this be fixed?

    2. The Cancel/Unsubscribe link in the email takes me to the site but I get a Not Found error. Is this a known issue?

    3. Where would I add some extra style like space between the images and post summary text? Right now it’s jammed up against the image in each post.

    Thank you – great plugin!



    The not found error can be a file permission, if the link looks like to be correct. The non clickable link or is the email client or the confirmation email you can edit on subscription steps panel.


    Hi – sorry no that part of the confirmation email is generated by your system:

    Hi {name},

    A newsletter subscription request for this email address was received. Please confirm it by clicking here. If you cannot click the link, please use the following link.


    If you did not make this subscription request, just ignore this message.

    Thank you!

    As I think {subscription_confirm_url} has to be unique each time, doesn’t it?

    Also is there a place for me to insert padding around the images that makes it’s way to my email? The layout in the template editor looks good with correct padding, but the email strips out that padding somehow. Maybe I can hard code some CSS to send with the email? But which file control the final look of the newsletter getting sent?




    Hi, that message is generated by Newsletter and can be configured on subscription steps panel, didn’t I understand rightly?

    To customize the email sent, see the documentation on my site or more directly, open the file “subscription/email.php” and you should find instruction on how to customize it.

    Always keep a copy on your PC of the original one and of the customized one.



    Just to be clear – we are talking about the system-generated URL for them to click to activate.


    That part above cannot be customized in your editor and it does not come through on the emails using Hotmail or Outlook. All other URLs in all other newsletter generated emails are working great on these mail clients, so the client is not stripping out the link function.

    Any ideas before you leave?

    Thank you



    Hi, the subscription confirm url is a normal url, with parameter of course. If some clients “take it bad” I don’t know, but it should look like a normal url.

    May be that clients “think” that is not a good url? Try to manually add a fake url like:


    And see if it is blocked by the client.

    Even other links on emails, when rewritten to track the clicks, have some url parameter so they should be blocked as well.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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