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    Hi there Stefano,

    I have searching a long time to find a suitable newsletter plugin and finally it seems I have found it in yours! I installed it yesterday and so far it seems to be working, test-mail are functioning so I am looking forward to use it.  I have one question:

    Is it possible to change the color for the subcribe now! -button in the widget? It seems to me the color is following my themes color?  I am using a theme with plenty white and grey. (subcribe now! -button is grey in my widget). I would like to use a more visually “stand out” color. Is that possible, and if, where or how do I do that? I have looked in the style.css and widget.php but can`t find any color code for the button there.

    Thanks for your help1


    Arne Wichne


    Youshould change the CSS of your site. Every piace of the newsletter form has a CSS class that can be addressed to change the appearance.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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