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    I used to put a few blog posts in one newsletter and then change the pictures because they are only shown in a cut version. Before it was possible to click on a picture and change it. Now that is not working. Clicking the picture (in work mode) opens the blog post.

    Do you plan to bring back that feature???

    Thank you!


    Hi, will reintroduce an inline editable list of posts, but since many people claimed to loose their changes when reconfiguring the number of posts or categories (we cannot keep the inline changes), we’ll find a different way to deal with that need.


    Yes, when re-configiring the posts module, it would loose formatting changes to text and you would have to re-edit the text, but it was worth bearing with than not having it at all. The Newsletter plugin is the best plugin out there for newsletters and I’m very impressed with it, far better than any online efforts. If they can fix some of the issues with the new editor it would certainly be worth getting some add-ons. Well done to the TNP team, our first newsletter went out smoothly and had a very good open and click through rate.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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