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    Because of the lack of an individual block editor for blog posts, I have been using the 5.9.3 version of the Newsletter plugin. However, because of concerns about the older version’s compatibility with newer versions of WordPress, I decided to give version 6.3.9 a try, but I ran into a problem. When our developer set up Newsletter Pro for us, he created a custom header and footer that appeared in the Drag and Drop composer when creating or editing a newsletter. Whenever the Newsletter plugin was updated, it was necessary for me to re-upload these files using cPanel. I used to place them here: wp-content > plugins > newsletter > emails > tnp-composer > blocks. Today when I tried to do that in version 6.3.9, it didn’t work – the header and footer files are not showing up in the Drag and Drop composer. Can you tell me how to fix this issue? Where should I place these files so that they show up in the Composer?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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