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    When writing a Newsletter, the post categories are the ones that contain posts, and not ALL categories. This is OK for a standard Newsletter, But, as a web developper, one of my customer has a Premium Licence, and for automated newsletter, this is NOT OK, because you cannot apply filter to a category that does not yet contain any post, as it does not appear in automated newsletter setup.

    I have found a “solution” by creating an “old” post that is registered in all categories, so that all categories appear in the automated newsletter setup.

    It is the same for Custom Posts.

    The posts and custom posts maximum number in a newsletter is quite low for a very active website. I have modified the relevant source files to change it to 100. It would ne nice if this could be a parameter that can be change on back end.

    Best and kind regards

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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