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    after update yesterday to newsletter version 3.9.5 …. all newsletters with there URL did not shown in the browsers Firefox, Safari and Chrome.

    In every newsletter I use this: href=”http://oldtimer-veranstaltung.de/{email_url}.

    You can see the empty newsletter http://oldtimer-veranstaltung.de/info-brief-oldtimer-veranstaltung-de/ –> Jetzt lesen: Oldtimer-Info-Brief Nr. 61 (Link)

    I think that the link from every newsletter is saved in the database and in the code it is moved wrong in {email_url}.

    It works very fine with version 3.9.4

    Thank you for help


    Uhm, just tested on my blog and it works. I wonder where the problem could be. A Blank page is usual a fatal PHP error, have you the server error_log file?


    Hi Stefano,

    how I can a server error_log?

    All “old newsletters” dir not work. Please have a look at my website http://oldtimer-veranstaltung.de/info-brief-oldtimer-veranstaltung-de/ –> please click the link “Oldtimer-Info-Brief Nr. 61”

    This is the newest newsletter: http://oldtimer-veranstaltung.de/?na=v&id=46&nk=2513-cff72e679c

    Did you see it in your browser? I have only a blank page without any error message.

    Thanks for help


    Hi Stefano,

    there is no problem to see all newesletters in e-Mails. If you click http://oldtimer-veranstaltung.de/{email_url} to show the newsletter in a browser you will receive a blank page.

    No problem with the last version from the newsletter plugin.

    Is it possible to go back to the last version 3.9.4?

    Thanks for help.


    Hi Stefano,

    thank you for the new version 3.9.6. Now all newsletters are displayed in all browsers.

    Thank you for the new version.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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