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    I would like to see a bloqued domain option list available, so we can determine what domain names are not allowed to register.

    For example: I do not want to allow any one from @hotmail.com to be able to register, or any domain name I would like to define in a list box.

    Thank you.


    Interesting request, I’ll put it on the future features.


    It could be one or two list boxes in the “Configuration” section. Similar to the non-allowed list in wordpress.

    We may need two lists:

    1) for non-allowed emails, and
    2) for non-allowed domains.

    There mey be a particular email we do not want to reach, and we also need the not allowed domain to comply with USA FCC REGULATIONS for non allowed domains as specified at:


    See also the list at:


    You may want to accept that list “AS IS”, as published by the FCC, so we do not have to edit the list for mass denials.

    Thanks pail, you are great!


    Hi, the fcc is one case, that can be considered, but the world is wider :-). To block a aingle email subscribe it as unsubscribed or bounced.


    Both lists are important and necessesary. INVALID EMAILS and INVALID DOMAINS

    For the EMAIL denial list, at the time you verify the validity of each email being suscribed, we must compare this email as if it is LISTED OR NOT in the NOT ALLOWED LIST, to be acceppted or not. Otherwise, display a non-valid email message.

    Marking an email as UNSUBSCRIBED or BOUNCED will not do a REAL DENIAL, as we will have to mark it again and again and again everytime the user changes his subscription status.



    Unsubscribed address cannot change the subscription details.


    > Unsubscribed address cannot change the subscription details.

    That’s great to know, thanks.

    However, that does not solve the problem as the FCC publishes a list of non-allowed emails as well. And you too, you may want to work in the safe side of not sending any emails to some specific email addresses, wether that is in some cases or in all cases. The list of invalid emails comes very handy in this case.

    In the other hand, the list of INVALID DOMAINS, it should accept the list as published by thye FCC, without requiring any changes by the user.

    Also, the “EXPORT” feature should allow for exporting ALL, SUBSCRIBED, UNSUBSCRIBED, BANNED, or anything the user selects, it should not export all emails but only at user’s choice and convenience only.

    Thanks for considering these changes,


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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