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    Hi everyone,

    I’m just testing the new version of your awesome plugin, and I’m facing out a tricky problem : I generated a list of the last 50 posts, and the associated image doesn’t show.
    In fact, when I’m looking at HTML generated code, the SRC attribute of the tag is empty !

    I’m just using the “blog post” template, I did nothing more… It works perfectly on the old version of your plugin. I updated it, deactivate and reactivate it, no way to genereate the tag correctly.
    If i manually chose the image it’s OK, but I won’t do it for ANY blog post I want to include in the newsletter.
    Am I missing something ? I guess it’s not a “general bug” because other users have had reported it. So, anyone to point me out where I could be wrong ?

    Thank you


    Uhm, are you using a theme or the new composer? Have you changed the wordpress theme recently?


    Hi Stefano,

    I’m using the theme “Graphene”, but I use it since the begining of my blog, so I don’t think the problem comes from here.

    And yes I’m using the new composer (which is wonderful by the way, except this picture problem). The Newsletter version I’m using is 4.5.7
    I didn’t look at PHP code, my skills in this language are close to 0. However, the fact that src attribute of tags is empty is clearly tricky…

    Any ideas ?


    I am also facing same problem…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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