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    i have this problem after the last two updates of the plugin. When you write the e-mail and hit Subscribe you don’t see the confirmation text but blank page. The subscriber receives all e-mails. How I can fix this with the blank page?


    I had the same problem. Every confirmation page was blank. All emails were sent correctly.
    I used the option “Newsletter dedicated page” an filled it with my newsletter url. Now it works.



    I want to add some more information about the subscription problem:

    At least since the lastest version ( 4.6.6.) all users are being redirected to the “404 page” after clicking the “subscribe”-button.

    The result is the same if the default-newsletter-dedicated page ist being used for the confirmation message or a if an alternative custom page ist being used. And the email of the subscriber is not being stored in the database – the subscription is completely lost.

    I solved the problem for the moment by going back zu newsletter-version 4.6.1, and now everything works fine again. (I have not testet the versions between, as it seems, that the bug is there since about 3 weeks. (unfortunately nobody complaint about this until today, that he could not subscribe).

    This problem occurs on all installations, that I was able to check.
    Therefore it seems to be a very serious problem


    I have the exact same problem. And I tried it on different providers with same results.


    I have the same problem. Really I get blank page on every kind of confirmation required.

    I have “solved” the problem creating a
    – Alternative custom confirmation required page
    – Alternative custom welcome page
    And now it is working.

    The only problem is unsubscription link that is not working. For the moment I am asking people to reply “delete me” (and delete them manually) as the unsubscription link is not working at all.



    Version 4.6.7 did not solve the problem with the 404 page.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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