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    This plugin is really good! Once installed, it creates a “Newsletter” page automatically! This page will be used primarily to display everything about this plugin! And so we just need to style the page ourselves afterwards!
    As a result, each message concerning Newsletter will be displayed with the url “http://domain.com/newsletter/” (for example for the subscription we have http://domain.com/newsletter/?nm=confirmation&nk=421 …).
    Except that there is a slight problem in one case, indeed if a user unsubscribes, and resubscribes a few days later by entering his email address, I would get the error message that the email address is already subscribed, but not with the style of the “newsletter” page because the error does not refer to “http://domain.com/newsletter” but just to “http://domain.com”!
    How to force the plugin to send this error message to the correct url? THANKS 🙂


    Hi, that should not happen, since the dedicated page URL is the same for all messages. Have you customized the URLs on subscription configuration panels?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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