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    tommy turcotte

    now i try to send a simgle newsletter with template PINT (is not the first one i use them and before no problem)

    I see the first step where i choose category and when i clic Proceed to edit i have message

    database error

    in log main-db2eac96.txt i see 20-04-2016 13:03:32 – DEBUG – 39.6 MB – Replace start
    20-04-2016 13:03:32 – DEBUG – 39.7 MB – Replace end and in log store-db2eac96.txt i see 20-04-2016 13:02:02 – FATAL – 15.1 MB –
    20-04-2016 13:03:26 – FATAL – 15.1 MB –
    20-04-2016 13:12:12 – FATAL – 15.1 MB –
    20-04-2016 17:53:28 – FATAL – 15.3 MB –

    i really love your producs but many error, i think i will try mailpoet to see if i have less problem


    From time to time there are wp installation which have database error without actually reporting the error (as you see the log “fatal” has no message). Usually are due to problematic characters or database with wrong collation set on wp-config.php.

    If you try to create an empty newsletter (with the blank theme) and it saves, the probably is probably with charset.

    Let me know!


    tommy turcotte

    ok maybe your right becasue today i try again whit same category and is working no error !!!

    Next time i will look thanks , the problem i have with feed by mail is it the same ?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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