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    OK so first of this plugin so far is AMAZING to cudos to your development and i’ll be reccomending it to everyone i know.

    problem lies here http://bluecollarprophet.com/music

    the plugin will block the page to collect the email and then let the subscriber have access to said page so they can download any content they want. I was initially going to do this for every post but I feel it will be less hassle on my end to jsut block the whole page.
    the page has a custom template the calls certain categories (mashups, remixes, etc) to be displayed on the page. these are posts that are being called that i tag to its respective category.

    that being said the plugin is 1. showing up muiliple times on the page and i don’t know why and 2. my content is still on the page and clickable thus allowing you to get past teh newsletter plugin.
    any help here would be amazing 🙂


    Hi, I think the problem is about the custom template that extracts the posts. Probably the tremplate uses the_content() function (or similar) and newsletter is triggered by the_content() called on each post listed.

    Why you don’t block the single posts adding on content locking feature their categories and leave the main page which lists the contents free?


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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