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    I have not so much understanding of how this really work, but what i do is.

    I go and make a newsletter, at the moment i only have (im setting up the site) 2 people on the list, after i designed the list i go and press the Blue SEND NOW button, a popup shows and ask if i want to Start Real Delivery, i press OK.
    Now the bar in the bottom shows 0/2 send, and even that i revive the mails, it still just stay at 0/2, waited for a hour or so nothing hampend, but ah well can live with that i guess. 🙂

    But the problem is every mail i get is stated as [TEST] but it just asked me if i wanted to send for real, so why is it then Test in front of the Mail Title?

    How do i resolve this?


    Hi, the “real” newsletters are not marked as [test] it’s probably gmail grouping them. I was myself surprise of this behavior (and initially a bit scared to have sent 80.000 emails with [test] is the subject). Probably gmail has a rule that remove the […] when comparing the subjects. I’m going to move the [test] marker to the end of the subject to signal when a newsletter sis a test newsletter.

    If the counter stays 0/2 you probably have a notice in your admin pages about the cron not working. Or open the status page and check for warnings there.



    Hey Stefano, looks like you are right about the [TEST] i deleted all mails i have send out, and send out some new ones, and they then had NO test in them, so must had been an old mail from the test button that were merged as you said WHOOPS.

    But i still have not seen any error message regarding the 0/2 progress, even after i revived the 2 mails it still states 0/2.
    But the site is a small one, will most likely not get over a few hundred subscribers, but still would like to know when it is done sending 😀

    And thx for the reply 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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