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    is this normal?
    that If I click on a newsletter, then click on send, after that the newsletter status changes from sending to sent, instead of showing again the Send option, I see Abort option as if it is still sending

    And, What does the trigger delivery engine does? because that button does not start anything at all – I have wp cron control plugin, and actions are taken only when the 5 minutes delay resets, you can’t manually do it


    The abort will totally reset the newsletter. You cannot send it again without an abort, and you shouldn’t send it again.

    If the cron is working properly the manual trigger of the delivery engine does nothing, since it must respect the delivery rate set on main configuration.


    Oh okay
    Well I may have to send again the same message, but now I understood that I just have to reset the newsletter by clicking abort

    Thanks for the cron explanation, I thougt that feature was not working instead it is not just because – everything – is working 🙂
    nice plugin,

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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