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    Giacomo Lanzi

    I decided to try this plugin again and I purchased the premium version to have the biggest overview possible.

    I am now trying to style my newsletter as I will but I am encountering some issue. Maybe there is a simple solution, but i can’t find it yet.

    The main problem is the style of the message. The default block’s options are very limited, for example I cannot choose the column distance in a double column post block. All I can do is modify the padding of the whole block.
    In the separator block, I cannot choose anything else then a solid line.

    So, my idea was to try in coding directly in html/css, but I discovered that the html block does not support the style and therefore I have to use inline css that is very tedious and time consuming.

    My question is: there is a way to apply css style for the whole message, like put the style tag on top of the whole newsletter design? How am I supposed to customize my message instead?

    Thank you for the answer, I really hope that you would implement some more advanced styling option soon in the plugin, that is otherwise very complete and useful!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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