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    There are currently 2 methods to modify profile by users, but the results are not the same. What is wrong?

    Indeed, people who need to modify their profile should:
    1. Start from the profile link added on every newsletter (method 1)
    2. Using the page containing the shortcode [newsletter_profile] (method 2).

    Yes, but it seems that the results are NOT the same: With the method 2, fields filled by users in their profile appear and could then definitively disappear after.

    The actual shortcode [newsletter_profile] seems not stable.

    In some situations using the page containing the shortcode is indispensable (method 2 instead of method 1).

    How to ensure that the method 2 generates the same good results as the method 1?

    Could Stefano and Newsletter Team kindly improve the shortcode [newsletter_profile] to solve this important issue?

    Many thanks.


    Hi, the problem with your test could be raised by this situation: you are logged in with a user and you’re editing the profile of a subscriber not connected with that user. WP users and subscribers are not the same, if you start the profile editing from an email with a clean browser where you’re not logged in you should have no problems.

    Anyway we’ll check the code and update the documentation to clarify situations like yours.


    Hi Stefano,

    Yes you’re right.
    But in my current website (that I gave you the URL), WP user = Subscriber. All WP users are also subscribers.

    Hoping you improve the code for solving this issue.



    Hi Stefano,

    I just discovered another problem: 2 users (A and B), both of them are WP users AND subscribers. If those 2 users use the same computer, when A login, A may get B’s profile, and not his own profile!!!

    Your Team may recreate easily this situation. And you will see the issue.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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