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Emoji on Subject and Sender Name

By February 16, 2018No Comments

It’s the era of emoji they’re used everywhere or better abused everywhere. Anyway they can convey emotions to your messages and can be a killer engaging element if used correctly.

Newsletter supports emoji on messages’ subject and even on sender name. Here an example sent from our test blog:

Where to find emoji

There’s plenty of sites where you can search and copy emoji. And, yes, an emoji is just a character you can copy and paste! Here few examples:

Remember: an emoji is just a plain character like the letter A of the alphabet. So every device can render the emoji in a different way or even skip it totally. If you want to learn more about the technical aspect start from the wiki page and try to not get lost in the Unicode planes!

Database requirements

There is a little tech problem. Being an emoji a character, Newsletter needs a database able to store them. Your database must support the utf8mb4 encoding and usually all recent versions of MySql or MariaDB do. You blog could be configured (see the wp-config.php file) to use the old utf8 enconding. If you know your database supports the new one (utf8mb4 – eventually ask the provider), you can change the wp-config.php accordingly. A simple an quick deactivation and reactivation of Newsletter is required to reconfigure the database tables (nothing will be lost!).

Emoji and spam?

Actually there is no relations about emoji in newsletter subjects or names and spam. Emoji are a standardized way to be more expressive why they should be used as spam rank factor? We don’t know and we hope they won’t.