This section is dedicated to developers which want to extend or interact with the Newsletter plugin core. Let us know which is your most urgent development topic that needs to be covered and… thank you for developing with the Newsletter plugin, the Email Marketing WordPress platform!

Basic concepts


For historical reasons when playing with the Newsletter plugin core you’ll find that subscribers are named “users” which can lead to some confusion with WordPress users. Since in the core we rarely manipulate WordPress users, generally what is called “user” is actually a subscriber.

A user can be an object (most of the times) or an associative array. We continuously refactor the core to have the users as objects.

You’ll find a class, TNP_User which is just a definition to help with code completion. Hence the objects returned when you query for a user are just PHP stdClass instances. Maybe in the future we change that (or maybe in the future the wpdb class will support the typing of queried objects from the database).

Filters and actions

We have not right now a complete and structured set of filters and actions, but on Newsletter Filters and Actions page you can surely find useful things to use. Remember to use actions and filters in a smart way, having care to follow the instructions. They could make operations very slow or even broke core functionalities.