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Autoresponder Addon 1.3.3

By October 7, 2021No Comments

This new version of Autoresponder brings with it the ability to configure the Google Analytics UTM tracking parameters and, within the autoresponder, they support a special tag {step} useful to differentiate the source.

When it’s time to set the UTM tracking parameters many doubts arise and… it’s more common than you believe, it’s not your fault. The UTM parameters are, finally, very flexible.

Imagine you’re using Autoresponder to send out a series of emails cover everything one needs to know about amatorial painting with oil colors. Yes, something like a course.

Well, your UTM parameters could be:

  • Campaign -> oil-painting-course
  • Source -> lesson-{step}
  • Medium -> email

Note the source UTM value: it contains the placeholder {step} so you can distinguish which lesson brings more visitors to your site.

That’s all for now!