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Automated Extension Now Open To Special Themes

By February 21, 2018No Comments

This is a big change in our Automated extension: now special themes can be registered by other plugins to create a new kind of newsletters. For example our WooCommerce extension provides a special theme for Automated which extracts the latest products (in different configurable ways) to create an automatic “latest products” newsletter (the theme has several layout options as well).

The advantage is clear: a special theme can build up a newsletter using all the informtion it has about specific contents. For example, a product can now have the price and the add to cart button directly in the email body.

More special themes will be released shortly, specially for those who use event manager plugins: we’re currently exploring the possibilities.

To enable these new features and to let themes have more control, some important internal changes have been made in automated. We particularly cared to keep the back compatibility and we’re writing a tech guide for those wanting to code their own themes.

Anyway, when you update to the latest version take a couple of minutes to review the Automated channels configuration, theme and newsletter previews. Could be the right moment to refresh some text, check the statistics or change some settings.