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Are You Ready For Newsletter 3? Me Not..

By November 19, 201224 Comments

I’m right now releasing Newsletter 3, the biggest remake of Newsletter plugin. I’m a little bit scared for this release, since it’s so different from previous version that I’ll expect a lot of “And now how do I do that?” (not talking about critiques).

But things eventually change… so I’m crossing my fingers and pressing “commit”.

Every discussion about Newsletter should be started inside the forum: please do not use the comments too much and try to be more precise as possible while reporting problems.

What about Newsletter Pro? Newsletter Pro will continue its life for at least 6 months and then will be merged with Newsletter 3. There will be any disservice to Newsletter Pro customers, support and updates will continue and when the merge will be completed Newsletter Pro will be even better!

Newsletter 3 has many points of flexibility and is more ready to receive contributions. The official page ¬†points to some documentation (always in my bad English) and I’m trying to focus more and more on collaboration to create a better newsletter system for everyone and… free.

Are you ready? Me… may be…

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