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Apple Mail Privacy Protection and Inflated Open Rate

By September 22, 2021No Comments

Apple announced a few months ago an update to its email clients with enhanced privacy protection. It consists of masking the IP address of the user downloading a caching the images “linked” inside the emails from their datacenters.

Since a special image is used to track the opening with that protection mail marketing platform won’t be able to derive the geolocation information. But that is the smallest problem. The real problem is Apple declaring the intention to download all email images even when the user DOES NOT open the email.

That way, all tracking images will be downloaded and the email registered as opened. To make it easier: all your customers using Apple Mail (apparently) will open your emails.

No, there isn’t any solution.

The three steps

When someone receives an email, there are potentially three steps to consider:

  1. he sees the subject
  2. he opens the email
  3. he clicks on the content

Clicks cannot be easily masked, yes the IP can be changed by a VPN or a proxy, but the click is easy to track.

Hence we should concentrate on the click rate which is probably the most important action chased with an email marketing campaign. Of course, we miss the level of engagement of our content once the customer decides to open the email, but that is we cannot measure it anymore.

From now on, looking at the click rate could be misleading. Of course, more complex platforms can try to infer stats by other means, let’s see what the future reserves!