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When Activation or Welcome Emails Are Not Sent

By October 26, 2018No Comments

If you’re experiencing the problem of activation and/or welcome messages not being delivered, here are few tests and changes you can try to solve the problem (spoiler: probably it’s caused by a filter set by your provider).

Note: what you’ll find in this post sounds like something magic or really odd. Rest assured: we experimented those situations many time and we solved them following the steps below.

Let’s start with the first action: enter the status panel and send a test. If no error is reported and the test email is not delivered you have a general problem to the mailing system. Could be a malfunction of your provider (open a ticket to their support) or something badly configured in your blog.

For example, are you using an SMTP plugin or the SMTP delivery method of Newsletter? Check them and do a test in its configuration panel.

As long as the test email from the status panel does not work, any other attempt with subscription messages, test newsletters and to so on will fail as well: keep the focus on the test email.

Now, if the test email is working, you may still experience the odd situation of activation or welcome email not being delivered.

First, check if those message are active in the List building > Subscription panels.

When everything seems ok, try to change the subject and body of those messages. For example remove the words subscription or activation.

Providers have spam filter which are (wrongly) triggered by some common words and if you ask the provider why your messages are not going out they will always answer “everything is ok on our side” (yes, they actually do not check the spam filter log for you).

We’re pretty sure, after all those steps, you will be successfully sending the welcome and/or activation messages. If not, feel free to open a topic in our support forum.