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🤖 Start building now with Newsletter APIv2

By October 16, 2020No Comments

Hello dear Newsletter users!

Today we’re happy to announce a new version of our API set, which aims to expand and complete the limits of the previous version.

With Newsletter APIv2, we decided to release a powerful communication method between our plugin and third party apps, which will let you perform various actions in a fast, reliable way. This version relies on REST architecture, for full compatibility, and features a new token generation panel inside our dedicated addon. Keeping the story short, here’s a breakdown of the new features:


New API are of course fully referenced, you can take a look at this page.

With the new API, we aim to give our power users a fast, comprehensive, powerful way of building apps that communicates seamlessly with Newsletter. Older APIv1 will of course continue to work, as well as their endpoints.