WooCommerce Extension


WooCommerce is the leading E-commerce plugin for WordPress and one of the most used plugins in general. This integration allow Newsletter users to automatically subscribe customers to a mailing list and to optionally embed a simple radio button on every WooCommerce generated checkout page. Additionally, it’s now possibile to generate a “last products” newsletter simply checking products tags in “Create new newsletter” panel.


Activating WooCommerce Extension

First of all, be sure to have WooCommerce Plugin installed and activated. If WooCommerce Extension does not find an active copy of  WooCommerce, it will show an error message.
The extension panel is very simple and it shows three main options:

  • Global enable/disable button
  • Whether to enable/disable the subscribe radio button and which text should be shown next to it
  • Whether to send the subscribers a confirmation email or not
  • Choosing a default group for new subscribers


WooCommerce Extension Admin Panel

Enable WooCommerce Extension

This option enables or disables the automatic subscription of every user that places an order through a WooCommerce powered checkout page.

Show a confirmation button and text

With this option, users will be asked to confirm whether they accept or not to subscribe to Newsletter. You can also specify a custom message to be shown next to the button, e.g. to comply with a country privacy laws or to simply warn customers. Please note: if this option remains unselected, all customers will automatically be subscribed.

Ask users to confirm their subscription

If this option is left unselected, all subscribers will be flagged as confirmed and they will start to receive newsletters. If “yes” is selected, subscribers will be flagged as “non-confirmed” and an opt-in email will be sent out. Opt-in email can be easily customized following this guide.

Assigning new subscribers to an existing group

Users can easily select a default existing group (or more than one) where the news subscribers will be registered to. Read more about groups here.


Creating a “Sales” Newsletter

With WooCommerce plugin you can create and start to sell products within your website. With WooCommerce Extension for Newsletter, you can now also send out newsletters automatically embedding your latest products: simply create a new newsletter with the “Default” theme, choose your favourite theme and select “Products” from “Post types to include”. Your latest products will be automatically inserted in your newsletter. Easy as that : )

WooCommerce Extension Group Selection



Users who susbscribed from the checkout page will appear in the “Subscribers > Statistics > Referrers” panel in Newsletter as “WooCommerce checkout”.